The Shannon Niday motocross school class structure has been developing and improving since the school was started in 1997.  Shannon has designed a step by step process which enables the student to understand and apply the correct motocross racing techniques into their individual riding style.  By learning, feeling and doing, students leave knowing how and what to practice in order to continue improving. Afterwards, when a student feels they are reaching another plateau in their ability, they can return for another lesson of what it will take to keep improving and winning at the next level.  
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Shannon Niday Mx School Schedule  

Summer is here and school is about out!

We have long term training available all of June and July. One week to two month training program for all ages and bike sizes here in Texas.

Summer Camps at Buffalo Creek in Canton, TX
Jun 13-15 (Freestone Regional prep)
Jun 26-30 (women's camp-all ages assisted by Taylor Higgins)
Jul 10-14
Jul 25-27
Aug 15-17

2 day group class
Jun 10-11

2 day $350
3 day $500
5 day $750

Email back with questions and more details!!

Thank you!
Shannon and Sheila Niday

DEPOSITS of $100 can be made on the web site from the Pricing page using the Paypal link to purchase with a credit or debit card of your choice. No Paypal account needed.


"Shannon is a real cool person. He ain't in it for the money. He cares about his riders. He has helped me out in so many ways like corners, jumps, etc."


-- Ryan Dungey

"Shannon is cool. He has helped me in all aspects of riding/racing. My mom credits him with my riding style."


 -- Trey Canard 

"I am living proof that Shannon Niday's techniques work.  They have helped me huge! Smoother, Safer, and simply FASTER! Thanks Shannon"

-- Phillip Nicoletti
"Shannon has always been like a second father to me.  Without him I would not be where I am today.  I will never forget everything he has done for me.  I am the person I am to day because of him."

-- Jimmy Albertson
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